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Our programs is designed to help young people acquire the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the 4th digital revolution.

Educational Partnership

Collaborate with us to develop educational programs that meet the needs of today's youth. Your expertise and resources can enrich our curriculums and workshops, providing students with valuable skills and invaluable hands-on experience.

Technology Partnership

As a technology partner, your company can provide the cutting-edge tools and technologies that enable our students to learn on the latest trends and software. Your support is essential to keep our teaching at the cutting edge of technology.

Community Partnership

Get involved with us to create a dynamic community around Wild Geek Academy. Your professional network can provide mentoring opportunities, internships, and even careers to our academy graduates, helping them enter the workforce with confidence and competence.

train digital skills with us

“ Tracing the path to innovation ”

Let’s partner with professionals to provide real-world experiences and mentoring opportunities. Advanced workshops and guidance sessions to prepare young people for future careers in technology and innovation.
Make It Possible for Kids

Digital after-school program with electronic kits, activities to support young students in their digital training.

Create It with Mentors

Join the team of educational facilitators and lead courses in small groups, and teach them your skills

Build it to be easy to use

knowledge with a younger audience in order to best prepare them for the world of tomorrow

Bring the program in your city

We are leading an awareness-raising process aimed at supporting, training, equipping and supervising establishments, centers and associations in order to generalize training in the most remote regions thanks to dematerialized learning solutions.